Are your employees stuck in the same old same old work life? 

Or are team building experiences becoming repetitive and uninspiring? 

Or are you simply looking to bring your team closer? Do not worry! 

Hyderabad city provides various opportunities for corporate teams to step away from the office and get creative with unconventional team building activities. 

Head below to explore 7 fun team building events in Hyderabad. 

1. Adventure Sports 

Adventure Sports make great team buildings activities as they provide an opportunity for team members to work towards a common goal while communicating with and supporting each other. 

They also help you to think creatively, and think big, and the adrenaline rush makes you feel alive. They are physically and mentally demanding, and after completing the entire procedure, you develop a sense of accomplishment and teamwork. 

Adventure sports available in Hyderabad include Go Karting, Rock Climbing, Bungee Jumping, Laser Tag, Zorbing, Boating, Paintball, Kayaking, Surfing, Paragliding, Sailing, Shooting, Ziplining, and Rock Walking are a few to name. 

To avoid sudden mishaps, when going for adventure sporting, keep in mind your team members’ health and tenacity. Choose a sport that caters to everybody and ensure that the level ranges from easy to medium. 

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2. Hiking / Trekking & Camping 

Hiking and Adventure Sports are dynamic environments that make fun team building exercises interesting and daring. The daring can be toned down depending on the level you choose. 

Hiking on an easy level makes it easy for all the team members to join. Hike mountains during the day, reach a summit and establish a camp. A little bonfire at night will get everybody in the mood and bonding will be at its peak. 

One-day hiking, multi-day trekking expeditions, and wilderness survival skills training are a few events that can be done. This way, team members will be interested as well as pick up on a few skills. 

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Corporate team building event hiking in Hyderabad

3. Lock N Escape 

Lock N Escape is a live-action entertainment centre that allows team members to interact and solve tasks together. 

You and your team will be locked inside a room for a certain time limit, and your collective task is to find the key to the door to escape. The key is a few series of puzzles away that needs to be found and solved. 

This helps in thinking out of the box and giving creative solutions making it an exciting and memorable experience. 

We also provide party rooms for you to hang out in after your games are over. There are also different team building party packages depending on the number of people attending and their requirements. 

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Lock N Escape team building event

4. Food Tours

Food is a tool that gets everybody bonding. Food is a subject that everybody has an opinion about. Food makes people happy. 

Food tours are the only way forward if all the plans are thrown away. But keep a twist, as it is only a matter of fact that team members have tried all sorts of cuisines. 

You may make a potluck dinner where each team member prepares a dish from their ethnicity. Or you may try cuisines that nobody has tried before. Hyderabad is known for its biriyani, so if all the twists don’t work out, biriyani can never fail you. 

If it is winter, you could try BBQ over a bonfire. And if all team members are up for it, a few rounds of drinks wouldn’t hurt anybody. 

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5. Weekend Getaways 

Weekend getaways provide a different setting for team members to communicate and bond. It helps them to relax after a hectic work schedule too. 

Away from the demands and distractions of the office, a weekend getaway is a time period that gets team members an extended time period to themselves where they get to interact and know each other. 

A lot of little troubles also pop up during the course of events that will also get them to solve as a team. 

Surrounded in a natural setting will prove to be the best weekend getaway our bosses have taken us! If team members do not object to pitching in, you could ask their families to join in the fun! The more, the merrier. 

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Group weekend getway Hyderabad

6. Volunteering / Charity Team Building Activities 

Volunteering / Charity team bonding activities can take many forms – volunteering at a local NGO, participating in a charity fundraiser, starting your own charity, or organising a community service. Either way, it is an opportunity to give back to society. 

These interests should be aligned with the team members’ interests and abilities. Depending on your office policies, you can host a small giveaway, including clothes, food and books. Recycling your childhood books and clothes is also a good idea. 

Charity team building activities are bound to get the team together. As they work and function on general office projects every day, here in real-time, while helping each other host or participate in an event, they get to learn each other’s many strengths and weaknesses. 

7. House Party 

The safest and the best of the lot! A house party provides an environment for an informal setting where you get to interact with your team members and talk about how life is wholesome. 

Build strong relationships and help increase each other’s morale to positively impact your office performance. 

House parties can take different forms. Invite your team for lunch or dinner, where you cook together to prepare a meal, or celebrate an event together by ordering and playing indoor games together if you are bored and need something hard to spice it up; alcohol delivery is only a few minutes away. 

All in all, any team building activity that you choose is bound to get your team closer and stronger. It depends on you and your team’s mood and what they are in for! 

House Party team building event

All in all, team building game events help you and your team increase morale, communication skills critical thinking, creative thinking, decision making and problem solving skills. Head here for more quick corporate team building activities near me

These 7 offbeat but memorable team corporate outings will impress your colleagues, and you will have some great stories to share over water cooler conversations for weeks to come! 

Other places to visit in Hyderabad are – adventure farms, lake camping, Jim Corbett National Park, Adventure parks, hiking and camping in Aravalli Hills, among many more. 

Tell us in the comments below what you did and how it went! 

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