Hyderabad, a city famous for its heritage, history, culture, monuments, and food is a haven for travel lovers.

Although now turning into a commercial city with the regular hush and bush, there are still some nooks and corners of this royal city that are lesser known and hidden. 

The introvert loves to embark and find newer places away from the pulsating rush and encased in peace in solitude whilst the adventure enthusiasts seek to discover places and avenues that satiate the thrills and mysteries which beckon to them.

Hyderabad has a range of new places to offer to everyone, right from the quiet loving introvert to the adrenaline pumping extrovert.

Listed below are my Top 12 Hidden Adventure Places in Hyderabad:-

1. Bhongir Fort

In case you want to give the historic but also crowded Golconda Fort a miss, then the Bhongir fort is the perfect place to be. At a distance of about 50 km from Hyderabad, this fort is extremely unexplored. 

Underground passages and chambers add to the beauty of this 10th century fort. This fort is a famous trekking spot. Built on top of a huge rock structured like an egg, the fort is at a height of 500 feet and the view from the top is extremely scenic and captivating. Surrounding the fort is a moat, and the best views of places around can be observed from the citadel on the top of the fort.

2. Lock N Escape – MYSTERY Escape Games

Image credit : bookmyshow.in

For any adventure lover, The Lock N Escape mystery games are a must visit. The thrill of playing detective with your friends and/or family transports you back to your childhood memories. This place is also a hit with corporates for their team building activities.

The Lock N Escape mystery game room caters to 80 minute games with six themes to choose from. The thrill of solving puzzles and deciphering clues within the stipulated time to escape the room is an absolute thrill. The best part is that you are monitored continuously and if they find you uneasy, the staff would immediately guide you out, making it an extremely safe option.

Offering board games for the not so adventurous, this place has something to offer everyone. The in-house cafe serves some delectable dishes taking care of your hunger pangs after the adrenaline rush of the games. Definitely, a must visit place for all adventure lovers.

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3. Ananthagiri Hills

If nature, peace, and quiet are what your adventurous soul craves, then head out to this beautiful haven lush in greenery. Ideal for its scenic views the trail is popular amongst trekkers and nature enthusiasts.

Away from the concrete city and rush hour traffic, the hills offer a peaceful getaway. You could also try the various activities undertaken at the hills, of course under guidance and with the proper gear, like rock climbing, Tarzan swing, walking on balancing boards, and the spider web amongst many more.

There are also beautiful waterfalls en route the Nagasamudram Lake adjoining the hills for your adventurous soul to explore.

4. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

Image Source: wiki.meramaal.com

A picturesque and surreal view of the magnificent dam situated amongst lush green hills and across the Krishna river is something not to be missed. Consisting of 26 floodgates, it is one of India’s pioneer dams for irrigation and is also used to generate hydroelectricity. The dam is in full glory in the monsoons with overflowing and abundant water along with the greenery and beauty enclosing it. The open floodgates in the monsoon are a treat to the eyes. 

The Epipothala waterfall is a famous tourist spot during the rains. Kept flowing and alive by the waters of the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam.

You could try visiting the NagarjunaKonda valley by boat from the dam. Home to a Museum and Buddhist monastery, this island like structure is a must do for all the adventure seeking souls. 

5. Pitstop Go-Karting

If Go Karting is your idea of adventure, then Pitstop is the apt place to be. You need not know how to ride a bike or a car, with simply 2 pedals, brake, and an accelerator, everyone can enjoy Go Karting at Pitstop. The circuit length of a lap is 500 meters and the thrill of controlling your car and racing away on the well-laid tracks surrounded by greenery is an absolute thrill.

This place not only offers Go Karting, but also has sports like sky cycling, zip lining, snooker, and bowling along with a play zone, especially for kids. The in house restaurant takes care of our hunger pangs especially after indulging in the host of indoor and outdoor activities they offer.

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6. Belum Caves

Image Source: thebetterindia.com

If along with being an adventure lover, you are also a history buff and love to visit long lost forgotten places, then a visit to the Belum caves becomes a must.

Famous for its stalactites and stalagmite formations, the Belum Caves made of black limestone is home to various freshwater caverns, passages, and galleries formed by the flow of continuous underground water. Considered the second-largest cave structure in India after the Krem Liat Prah caves in Meghalaya, only 1.5km of the cave is open to Tourists. Visit in the summer months as in the rains the caves become slippery and a tad bit dangerous. The cave consists of 12 viewpoints, Patal Ganga being the best.

PS: There’s a lot of walking so wear comfortable footwear and carry ample water and energy bars.

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7. Surya Lanka Beach

If a water getaway soothes your adventurous soul, head out to Surya Lanka Beach, also called BAPATLA Beach. The nearest beach from Hyderabad, the sand and water here are clean and fit for a fun family getaway or an adventurous outing with friends.

In the winter months, you can take a boat for Dolphin sightings. The shoreline here is safe for swimming and sunbathing activities. Surrounded by green fields and coconut trees, the road approach to the beach from the city is good and it has good restaurants and resorts near it. The huts near the coast are a perfect place to spend your evenings, sipping on coconut water and marveling at the magnificent sunrises and sunsets.

8. Gandikota

Image source: Tripadvisor.com

Gandikota also called ‘The Grand Canyon of India’ is the apt place for the adventure loving travel junkies. Bearing a striking resemblance to its US counterpart, Gandikota is as beautiful and mesmerizing. You can camp out in tents at the top of the canyon or pre-book the only hotel in the area. The gorge is beautiful and looks different the entire day due to sunlight and its shadows. Sunrise and Sunset here shouldn’t be missed. The view at night with the moon as the backdrop is enchanting and can be captured by a high-resolution camera.

The Gandikota fort is definitely a must visit as well. Most of it is in ruins now, but the granary, jail, and watch tower give us some semblance of the fort’s grandeur that must’ve been in its heydays. There is a waterfall nearby that makes for a good swimming hole after the monsoons.

Many adventure groups or camp owners provide kayaks. Zip lining, river crossing, etc are the water sports undertaken at Gandikota.

9. Mallela Teertham Waterfall

A waterfall situated amongst the scenic greenery and nature at its best is what the Mallela Theertham Waterfall is all about.

The ideal time to visit this place is during and immediately after the monsoon. Surrounded by the Nalamma range, the falls gush down to a depth of 150 feet creating various plunge pools for swimming. The major attraction here is the huge rock shaped like the ‘Shiva Lingam’.

For the adventure seekers, the falls have numerous activities for Trekking, River crossing & Camp Fire.

PS: The steps approach to the waterfalls might get slippery, so it’s advisable to wear proper footwear and carry drinking water with you.

10. Great Hyderabad Adventure Club (GHAC)

As the name suggests, this nonprofit adventure club caters to various outdoor sports. Professionally trained and certified instructors who guide and train you in your chosen sport and are equally adept at emergency situations and providing first aid, this club caters to every adventure lover. Right from Camping, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Camping, and Mountaineering outdoors, the club also undertakes activities like Rock climbing, Bird Watching, Bouldering, River Rafting, and Rappelling over the weekends.

They have a monthly planner of treks and activities planned and we could choose to be a part of the activity of our liking. They have planned sports depending on our levels and ease like beginners, intermediary and advanced. Along with sports, they also train you in leadership skills, survival training in the outdoors, impromptu decision making skills, reading a compass and a map, and most importantly learning to be a part of groups.

11. Chowmahalla Palace

Image Source: holidify.com

Home of the surviving Nizam heirs, The Chowmahalla Palace is up on every adventure lovers list. Built between 1857 to 1869, consisting of two courtyards, fountains, and gardens, the palace stands for all things grand. Opened to the public in 2005 by the current Nizam Mukarram Jah, the palace was restored to its original glory and the finest collection of vintage Rolls Royce cars used by the Nizams was put on display for the public.

Architecture and history buffs can have a field day in the palace and can laze about in the lush grounds marveling at the magnificent construction and intricacies of the palace. Right from the enormous chandeliers to the royal ethnic clothes, carved ceilings, the dinner crockery, tea sets, huge windows, curtains, and of course the jewels and the swords, take us back to the forgotten grandeur of the palace. 

It sure is an adventure to connect us with our past.

12. Snow World

If escaping the scorching heat of Hyderabad city is in the callings for adventure lovers, then head out to Snow World. Located near the popular Hussain Sagar lake, the Snow World park is made up of artificial ice that is filtered four times, making it safe and even safe for consumption. 

The park is designed in a way that helps you get acclimatized to the freezing temperatures. Snowsuits, boots, and caps are to be worn by visitors to enjoy the icy feeling like in some snow-capped mountains. The park houses an ice skating rink, tube and sleigh slide, bumping cars, merry-go-round, and kid’s snow play area, for all the adventure seekers.

PS: Before each session ends, the special attraction is the 5 minutes of artificial snowfall. 

Hope you enjoy this list of hidden and lesser-known adventure places in and around Hyderabad as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

Happy Adventures!

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