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In the city of the Nawabs ie. In Hyderabad, tons of things can be done for fun and entertainment. 

From strolling the Charminar lanes and shopping (or window shopping if you please) in Laad Bazaar to indulging in mouth-watering delicacies like some Haleem, Biryani, and Kebabs that the city has to offer, Hyderabad has something for everyone.

You can go on a historic tour of the city and see the magnificent structures and buildings like Golconda Fort, and Chowmahalla Palace or sit across the Hussain Sagar Lake and watch the day go by, or simply take a heritage walk or tour.  

For me, fun and activities mean something filled with vigour and excitement and Hyderabad has tonnes of options in that criteria. Let’s go and explore the unchartered and offbeat activities the city has for adventure and fun lovers.


Listed below are my Top 15 Best Fun Activities In Hyderabad That You May Not Have Yet Visited:-


1. Sky Zone

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people jumping on trampoline

To bring out the kid in you and indulge in some serious ‘fun’, head out straight to the Sky Zone, one of the best fun places in Hyderabad for adults. A franchisee, having outlets in most cities in India, Sky Zone has tonnes of offerings for every age group.

An indoor game in Hyderabad, the trampoline park, it has attractions like dodgeball, freestyle jump, sky ladder, and sky slam among many more activities. Right from kids to adults, we can jump our hearts out here. With trainers to guide you and ensure your safety, the Sky Zone is definitely worth a visit to Hyderabad.

PS: Must try activities are the Tarzan Dangle and Adventure Hike.

2. Lock N Escape

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Imagine being locked in a room and having only 80 minutes to escape, doesn’t it sound thrilling and pulsating? 

This is the exact feeling you get at Lock N Escape Hyderabad. 

Life-size escape rooms that can be unlocked only by decoding the puzzles and clues, Lock N Escape keeps us on our toes in our quest to leave the mystery escape rooms within the stipulated time. There are 6 escape rooms to choose from, and later can munch on some delicacies from the in-house Inspire Cafe

The Inspire Cafe famous for its Chimney Cakes, Vegetable Au Gratin, Pizzas, Cookie Cake, and Coffee, is recognized among the best eateries in Hyderabad.

Head here for a wholesome time with some fun and games along with delectable dishes to tingle your taste buds, All in all, a happy and gratifying experience at the best game zone in Hyderabad!

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3. The Hidden Castle

Lush greenery and in its midst a majestic castle like structure that is straight out of a forgotten era is what The Hidden Castle looks like. This castle themed resort is apt for adventure and fun loving individuals.

With overnight stay options available, this place is a hit with families and large groups alike. With an array of activities like zip lining, tree top walk, trekking, volleyball, commando net, London bridge, water slides and pool, rain dance, etc to keep you occupied throughout.

If along with fun and adventure, you are also looking for some peace and tranquility along with some gorgeous Insta-worthy pics, then head out to The Hidden Castle for sure.

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4. Jalavihar Water Park

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jalavir water park

Looking out for a day full of adventure and thrills? The Jalavihar Water Park is the ideal place to be to cool off some steam and let loose yourself. One of the best things to do in Hyderabad for youngsters, adults and elders alike.

One of the cleanest and safest water parks, Jalavihar has some amazing staff and security to give you an amazing experience. Parking for two and four-wheelers as well as lockers and costumes for rent are available at a reasonable price, making this place very popular and safe amongst families and big groups

Water slides, a wave pool, games, and the rain dance is an experience to remember (safe for kids too). Good food options and budget friendly costs make Jalavihar extremely popular due to its proximity to Hussain Sagar Lake. 

5. SVM Fun Central Mall

An absolutely fun place to visit if you have time to kill. Located in the Forum Sujana Mall, SVM Fun Central offers loads of games and activities here to keep you engrossed for hours.

Helpful staff is available for your assistance in the games or with your card. The main attraction here is Bowling, Archery, VR Experience, Indoor Rock Climbing, Bike Racing, Car Racing, and the vast array of Arcade games. Equally popular with kids and teens alike, the place is a popular hangout in the mall after your shopping and movie experience.

The best part, it is located right next to the food court, so even the hunger pangs are taken care of.

You can also give City Center Mall a visit as well. Other indoor places to visit in Hyderabad.

6. Pazzo Minigolf

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golf ground

Golf was often considered a luxurious and rich sport till a couple of years ago in India and didn’t really have too many takers. But with the advent of the Pazzo Mini Golf Course at the Kondapur Botanical Garden in Hyderabad, Golf as a game has become accessible for all, be it children, youngsters, or adults.

Good support staff and trainers who are extremely polite and helpful, the experience here is very satisfying. There are 9 interconnected golf courts and food options also nearby, making this place a must for all beginners who dreamt of learning this sport.

The slopes and obstacles, make it interesting to put the ball in the hole. Since it’s a smaller version of an actual course, a putter and a golf ball are enough to enjoy this experience. This is a fun place in Hyderabad for family.

PS: There’s a nice cafe on the patio overlooking the golf course where parties and events can be arranged.

7. Laser Shooter

Whilst playing ‘Chor Police’ in our childhood didn’t we all want to be the cop and shoot down the thieves? Well, fret not, this dream of yours can come true albeit, without any casualties or any real criminals.

The laser tag game ranges from 10 mins to 30 mins and actually gives the thrill of being in a live video game like PUB-G. Individual scores are maintained and every player is provided with a laser tag vest.

The tag guns are fun to carry and pretty accurate, and the hideouts and bunkers are extremely real-like, overall creating a memorable experience for a team outing or just an evening with family and friends.

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8. Ramoji Film City

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ramoji film city

How would you like to live the life of a movie star and visit the sets where all the action takes place?

If you are equally intrigued as me, then head to the Ramoji Film City, where a host of Tollywood and Bollywood movies are filmed almost daily. Day tours, as well as overnight stay options, are available as per your convenience and budget

Humongous and a green and serene place, a city in itself requires nearly 2-3 days to experience it completely. Considered the largest film set as per the Guinness World Records, it is spread across nearly 2000 acres.

With activities, shows, and events organised throughout the day, an in-house bus transports you through and fro from one venue to another. Transports you to a different world altogether, Ramoji Film City should be definitely on your list. 

This is a fun place in Hyderabad for couples.

9. VR Gaming Cafe

Among other things to do in Hyderabad with friends, this cafe, offering multiplayer game options caters to each and all right from kids to adults. The cafe serves good fast food and gives a great live gaming experience.

With the option of reserving the VR (Virtual Reality) machine of your choice, on average for a one-hour plan, approximately 600/- is the cost. Check out the various plans and offers for corporate or special event bookings.

If you are looking for a quick and fun getaway from routine life, then head straight to the VR Gaming cafe and forget all your troubles and worries. A place worth your time and money for sure.

10. Great Hyderabad Adventure Club (GHAC)

Fun and adventure, if that means nature and physical activities, then the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club (GHAC) is your place to be.

A non profit club that caters to all kinds of outdoor and extreme sports under perfect guidance and most importantly safety. Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Outdoors, Nature and Adventure sports activities like Bouldering, Rock climbing, and Rappelling, which are undertaken for all levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced, almost every weekend.

The best part, their website offers a monthly planner of activities that would be undertaken and you can choose to join any as per your liking and your convenience. Along with the thrill and fun, these sports teach us a lot about perseverance and team building. Participating alone or with a group, these sports enhance and hones your planning and strategies in tough and difficult situations bringing out your best leadership and decision making skills.

11. Get On Board Cafe

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india's biggest board game cafe

How do you feel seeing children playing board games and you start reminiscing about your childhood? Doesn’t it feel nostalgic, where you wish you too could go back to playing your most loved board games and get carefree and childlike? 

If your answer is YES to my question above, then head straight to the Get On Board Cafe. catering to all age groups, Get on Board Cafe is India’s largest board game cafe. It boasts more than 700+ games, both Indian and International.

It’s a great place for a reunion or a fun get together with friends or you can throw in birthday parties or team activities. The best part is the food or munchies they serve. There is always someone to help you with the game rules and to familiarize yourself.

All in all, definitely a must visit place to recall all your fond childhood memories.

12. X’treme Adventure

Fun, adventure, and thrill, all can be collectively found at X’treme Adventure.

Advisable to be here for an entire day to take part in the many activities and sports offered here.  ATV rides, Rifle shooting, Archery, Human Foosball, Volley Ball, Box Cricket, Box Football, Tug of War, Car Racing, Obstacle courses, etc, are some of the activities undertaken here, all under expert guidance and taking in all safety protocols.

Among other fun gaming places in Hyderabad, this place is covered in greenery which is a visual delight and also offers indoor activities and can also be used for a good team building exercise.

Clean, green, and affordable with lots of thrilling activities, makes X’treme Adventures a must visit on my list.

13. Dialogue in the Dark

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dialogue in the dark

What if you were to close your eyes for a few seconds and try to go about your day to day task? Would you find it difficult and challenging? 

Dialogue in the Dark gives you an experience just like that. 

A restaurant where you are blindfolded and served your food, where all you can rely on are your other senses, where you can empathize and feel what a blind person goes through every single moment of their day and insight of their life, this restaurant is surely a must visit not for the conventional idea of fun and activity, but to get in touch with your humane and emotional side.

Guided throughout by your visually disabled guide, you learn to appreciate your surroundings and the food that you rummage without giving it a thought. Being blindfolded, makes you appreciate their shape, taste, and texture as well.

An experience that lets us remember, never to take anything for granted.

14. Pitstop

If driving, rather let’s call it racing a car, like a Formula One driver has been your cherished dream, then put on your gear and head straight to Pitstop in Hyderabad.

The Go-Karting track, the cars, and the safety gear all are exceptional and state of art, and the last thing you feel is fear. If Go-Karting isn’t your cuppa tea, you can enjoy Bowling, ATV Rides, Zip Lining, and Sky Cycling as well here. 

Pitstop takes care of all your thrills and adventures and leaves you craving for more thrills. The plus is the reasonable and delicious food and the lush greenery all around.

15. Nehru Zoological Park

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nehru zoological park

My most adventurous and fun childhood activity was to visit the zoo and peer and marvel at the majestic animals who unfortunately are in captivity (Well that also happens to be the only way we can observe them and their way of living). 

The Nehru Zoological Park, one of the largest in India, has an open enclosure for animals, refreshes our childhood memories, and makes us nostalgic again. There are Lion safaris, Tiger safaris, and Bison safaris along with an aquarium and a Butterfly and a Jurrasic themed park.

The toy train is a special attraction in the zoo, transporting you from one corner to the other of this vast space. The zoo has clean washrooms, ample car parking, benches to sit and rest your tired feet, in case you opt to walk, and a food court to give you a break.

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Hope you enjoy this list of fun activities in Hyderabad that you might like to try and visit.

And have you toured Hyderabad City yet? if not, this is your calling to do it asap!

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