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😃 Lock N Escape is a complete entertainment hub having its live centre in Hyderabad, Banjara Hills.

😃 At the centre, there are six top-of-the-line and most immersive escape rooms

😃 It also has a Cafe (Cafe Inspire with delicious international food menu with a concept of make your own dish the way you like. It also has various Board Games including foosball table and darts.

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What is Lock N Escape?
Lock N Escape is a complete entertainment hub in Hyderabad Banjara Hills, which contains six top-of-the-line and most immersive escape rooms, a Café with delicious international food menu with Board Games including foosball table and darts. The Escape Rooms include The Time Machine, The Hurricane Room, The Quest for the Incredible Stones, The Presidents Secret Book, The Room of Great Mysto and The Poltergeist Room. The genres of these rooms are historical, fantasy, mystery, horror and sci-fiction escape games respectively. The rooms have been careful designed to maximize user immersion and to completely test the skills of each player. Through our state-of-the-art facilities, players must use teamwork, creativity and their problem-solving abilities to ‘escape’ within 60 mins. Our knowledgeable game masters are there for players. First of all, they clearly explain the escape room concept and then outline the backstory of each theme – preparing players for a fully immersive hour. Lock N Escape is one of the escape room companies that feature excellent game masters. The game masters are crucial components of the overall experience as their knowledge gives new players time to fully grasp the rules and gives veteran players a chance to get reacquainted with the concept. As well as relaying the rules and regulations, game masters also set the scene for whichever theme the player has chosen. An example of this would be building a feeling of suspense or horror – it all depends on the room theme the players have chosen. At Lock N Escape you’ll find everything you need for the perfect event. We are flexible and can cater to any client. Your staff or colleagues will enjoy our services just as much as school or university students. Whether its hosting on-site birthday parties or utilizing our mobile corporate games for your corporate events – you’ll find it on our website. To top it all off, Lock N Escape is one of the few escape room companies in the world that contains a Café with Board Games where anyone can come and EAT, PLAY and RELAX. Lock N Escape Café contains a variety of International food ranging from mouthwatering Pizzas, Scrumptious Pastas, Burgers, Waffles, Pancakes, Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolate, Mojito and much more. Lock N Escape have also introduced some very different and tasty dishes such as Sweet and Savory Chimney Cakes, Freak Shakes, Cardamom Cappuccino, Flavored French Fries and Arabic Qahwa.
How did Escape Rooms Start?
SCRAP, a Japanese company, created the first documented escape room in 2007. The concept was much like the one we have today: players were ‘locked’ in a themed room and had to solve a series of puzzles and riddles within a specific time limit to ‘escape’. Its instant popularity resulted in escape games becoming a regular activity in Japan, China and eventually the rest of Asia. Attila Gyurkovics can be credited for creating Europe’s first escape room. A few years after the first documented room in Japan, Attila Gyurkovics’ Para Park became the pioneering force behind the experimental entertainment industry for Europe. Today there are over 8000 escape rooms worldwide. How did escape rooms evolve into what they are today? We’ll have to go far back to 1988 to find the true origins, which can be found in John Wilson’s text-based game Behind Closed Doors. This is one of the earlier examples of the escape subgenre. Here, players had to enter text commands to escape a restroom. It goes without saying that the escape genre has evolved to new heights since advancements in technology. Following on from these basic text-based games, others such as MOTAS, Viridian Room and Myst took center stage. The most influential of all escape game genre and the pioneer of what we see today comes from the renowned Crimson Room developed by Japanese maestro Toshimitsu Takagi. Released in japan in 2004 the game amassed a massive player views, reaching hundreds of millions of players. The game is considered the main inspiration behind the modern-day escape rooms and we must salute and give respect to this great ground-breaking phenomenon.
How do you play an Escape Game?
You’ve probably heard of an escape room game – but you wouldn’t be alone in wondering what the actual process is behind the concept or simply asking, how do you actually play one? The concept is relatively simple, and the title aptly describes the basics of what you need to do. Here are the linear basics of playing an escape room from start to finish. First of all, the most obvious thing you need to do is gather your team. They typically require between 2 and 8 players – so gather a motivated team to get started. Your team can be made up of friends, family or work colleagues. Due to the flexibility and variety of escape room themes that Lock N Escape offer, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits the make-up of your group. Book one of the games! There is a versatile array of escape rooms in Lock N Escape. Themes range anywhere from fantasy escape rooms to mystery escape rooms to horror escape rooms, etc. Let’s get into the most important aspect and central feature of the escape room concept: clues and puzzles. To escape, you must find clues and solve puzzles. Clues are hidden throughout the room. Search thoroughly and find them in unexpected places to advance through the narrative. Escape room puzzles will consist of logic based technical games, finding hidden objects or objects that visible but seemingly out of reach. Other puzzles could involve players to match together different items or the mind-boggling process of descrambling anagrams and solving strange riddles. The purpose of completing these tasks is to give the players an idea of what to do next. These puzzles are effective at getting your group thinking creatively and out-the-box, which encourages greater engagement in the task and drives a strong team ethic. There will be multiple puzzles scattered around the room – so don’t think there will only be two or three. Completing ALL of these puzzles will eventually lead to your ‘escape’. The most recognizable features of an escape room are the following: lock and keys, locked door, multiple rooms inside your chosen game, hidden doors, puzzle games, a specific theme. Typically, escape rooms in Lock N Escape will have a 60-minute timer, which starts ticking down as soon as the doors are shut, and the introduction is complete. Escape within this time to ‘win’ the game! Get locked in and now the fun begins. Remember: you can leave at any time – just let the game master know and they’ll let you out.


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