After the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job, each and every employee or employer definitely deserve a break or a get together to know each other outside of work. Team building activities have gained a lot of importance in the last few years, especially during the pandemic with the Work From Home scenario where Team Building activities were virtually conducted.

Not just getting to know each other, such activities also help in improving productivity and creativity and boost the morale of the entire team. Indoor games and activities are easy to arrange and promote healthy collaboration within the team.

The best benefit of indoor activities and games is that they can be planned at any time of the year, irrespective of the season and weather outside.

Listed below are my Top 12 Team Building Indoor Games For Corporates:-

1. Never Have I Ever

A simple and effective; time tested game ‘Never Have I Ever’ is extremely popular among indoor games for corporates. It helps in knowing the other team members better other than work and acts as a great conversation starter to break the ice.

It’s extremely simple to play. Each member says “Never Have I Ever” and states the things or activities that they’ve never done to date. 

For example, If one team member says “Never have I ever sat on a bullock cart”, all the members who have sat on one, gives that person a predecided item like candy or a pen, etc. At the end of the game, the member with the largest collection of items is the winner.

2. Escape Room

Thrilling and full of mystery, escape rooms are the perfect indoor outlet for team building games and activities for corporates.

Imagine a room full of co-workers who are locked in for 60 minutes and can only escape when they collectively solve time bound puzzles and clues. Not only does it add an element of thrill but also good faith and bonding along with team spirit.

Solving clues and puzzles collectively and trying to find a solution to escape the rooms, comes in handy in a real work situation, where the team members learn to bond together and brainstorm over a problem as a team to come up with the best solution.

3. Two Truths And A Lie

A fun game to keep the conversation flowing among the team members.

Everyone must have played this super fun game once in their lives. This game not only is fun but also helps in knowing the other members personally by opening up and sharing personal experiences.

This game can be played physically or virtually as well. Each member has to make up 2 truths and add in 1 lie. The rest of the team members have to guess which is the lie. 

For example, if a member says these three statements, “I was born in Hyderabad”, “I hate dogs”, and “Chinese is my favourite cuisine”, the other members need to guess the statement which is a lie.

4. Memory Wall

Just like the name suggests this activity gets the team all nostalgic and gets them reminiscing about their past and time spent working together over the years. It creates a sense of bonding and gets the team conversing with each other.

Topic boards can be created for this activity resembling a wall. Topics like “First Day of Work”, “Best Office Policy”, Funniest Moment at Work” etc are some of the common topics that can be made into a memory wall, where each team member puts down their memory about the suggested topic.

To make this game more interesting and interactive the members can also be asked to speak about their experiences and memory.

5. Show And Tell

Perhaps we all remember this game from school, this simple Show and Tell activity is best played indoors and is a simple and easy way to connect with co-workers and team members.

Each team member speaks about their favourites and if possible even gets it with them to show their friends. This activity helps in getting out of their comfort zone and creates a better understanding and rapport among the team members. 

This game is great at building public speaking skills and boosts the confidence of the orator as well. This game can be employed as a part of the Saturday Activity and be made a regular occurrence as well.

6. Paper Jenga

A popular indoor balancing activity game that can be played any time of the day for a quick breather. Like its block counterpart, paper Jenga simply involves stacking papers or files on top of the other.

Each team member then needs to carefully remove the files or papers carefully without toppling the entire tower. A game of wits and concentration, it enhances and develops the problem solving ability of the team members along with competitiveness to outdo the others as well.

The one who manages to remove the paper or files without toppling the tower is declared the winner of this game.

7. Meditation Session

“Just like food is to your body, meditation is to your soul”.

Probably one of the best indoor team building activities for corporates, meditation should be made a part of everyday work culture. It’s a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of mundane daily life and can add the most restorative and peaceful touch to corporate life.

Someone from within the team having knowledge can volunteer to lead the sessions or a practicing wellness coach can be hired for this activity that would calm the body and soul leading to increased productivity and better performance.

8. Dress Up

Dress Up is the corporate and fancy name for our childhood favorite ‘Fancy dress party”.

This is a creative and fun game where everyone right from the seniors to the juniors can all participate. There could be themes like ‘superheroes’, ‘favourite politician/actor/actress’, or simply your ‘inspiration’. 

Each team member needs to dress up as per the code decided and the others have to guess. This activity can also be made a part of holidays and festivals, where each has to dress as per the occasion. This game brings out the creativity and quirkiness of a person and is a fun respite.

9. Charity Activity

A nobler version of the top 12 team building indoor games for Corporates, the Charity activity is a must do. It is not only a feel good game but also helps you in bonding with your team members over a noble cause.

Here, the company decides on a particular charity or a cause, and all of the team members decide to help the charity in their way. It could be monetary help or organising a donation drive. It could be a clothes drive or a school supplies drive, where each team member contributes to the best of their ability.

Simply volunteering to spend time at an old age home or a children’s home is as good as a monetary contribution. Volunteering alongside your colleagues can help you bond with them and build a feeling of pure joy, empathy, and compassion. 

10. Talent Off

Being together day in and day out with team members; we know them on a professional level and their business acumen, but we barely know anything about them outside of work.

The Talent Off game is just apt to acquaint themselves better as individuals and discover their hobbies and talents. A simple yet effective indoor activity for corporates, wherein the co workers can sing, dance, paint, or even just juggle a ball.

Cheering and encouraging your co workers makes this a fun and participative event evoking team spirit.

11. Stack The Paper Cups

Who doesn’t like making paper cup towers and seeing the maximum height they can reach too without crumbling down?

In the high pressure work environment to loosen up a little and enjoy some childish fun, there’s no better indoor game for corporates than the paper cup towers. 

The paper cups can be stacked up in a tower in a pre determined order or the game can be made more competitive by setting up a timer and seeing who makes the highest paper cup stack in the shortest time.

This game tests each individual’s creativity and problem solving ability and inculcates a spirit of team work among peers.

12. Exercise Session

Just because we are discussing indoor games, doesn’t mean physical movements are to be restricted.  Sitting in air conditioned offices most of the time, with little to no physical activity, every individual would like to indulge in some simple and easy physical activities to take away the fatigue of the day.

An instructor can be hired for a period of time who would engage the entire staff in some easy and effective exercises right from breathing to meditation to flexing off those tired muscles.

These sessions would make the team feel good about themselves and would in turn lead to better productivity and results.

PS: A basic exercise session can be organised weekly or even daily if possible at a pre determined time.

So these were my Top 12 Team Building Indoor Games For Corporates. Simple, and effective to build a bond between you, your team, and co workers. Hope you and your team have a lovely time playing them.

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