Escape Rooms

What is an Escape Room?

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are the latest talk in the town. So here is what you need to know everything about “Escape Rooms”.

In a sentence “ Escape room/Escape Game is a trap like situation built on a particular theme, players trapped inside would have to escape this room within 60 minutes.

You should first assemble your squad to solve the escape room. Then arrive at your nearest escape room location to choose the most interesting escape room mission that you would like to be trapped in. You will be briefed about your games mission and then the clock starts ticking.

Escaping traps is an art, you have to be very mindful about what is happening around you, find and decipher clues in everything and anything you find to progress further in the game. It can be finding a clue from a painting to open a padlock of the locker that gives you a key to open a door. Everywhere inside the escape room you will find clues, riddles, puzzles that can enthuse your inner Sherlock. It sounds fun to be in an escape room right? The part that makes it difficult is you would only have 60 minutes to escape out of the escape room and emerge as a winner!

What all happens at an escape room?

• You choose a escape room adventure that the escape room company has to offer.
• A game master will brief you the theme and instructions before entering the escape room.
• You will then be sent inside the escape room.
• Your 60 minute timer starts.
• You should work together with your team to uncover clues and progress towards the exit of the escape room.
• You can call for clues/hints with the game-master, Usually in escape rooms only limited clues/hints.
• If you finish your adventure within the 60 minutes you emerge out from the escape room as a winner. If you fail to finish the adventure, Your game-master will unlock you out from the escape room.

At every point during your escape, You will constantly be monitored by the game master to ensure your safety which would be the escape room companies priority and to help you progress in the game in case you come across a roadblock.

Who can play escape rooms?

Escape rooms are well suited and designed for people of all ages from kids till adults. Usually escape rooms are extremely fun to play with families during family get-together, colleagues at works It helps them understand their team better and is a perfect team building activity, friends who just want to have fun together or even strangers who share the same interests.

Nowadays with the advent of Virtual Escape Rooms/ Online Escape Rooms are much more fun to play with. And they can be played from anywhere around the world. It is the perfect activity for couples in a long-distance relationship, Friends who are around the world, Or Teams that work remotely or off site, Parents who live away from their kids etc.

Why are escape rooms so popular?

Escape rooms are very popular because they make you live a fictional story and give a hands-on experiencing the thrill and adventure with the people you love which makes it a perfect social activity. And nowadays escape room games are made of the trending themes and fictional stories that you see on the big screens or on the internet.

Imagine playing and solving mysteries that can only be bucket list wishes otherwise like Solving mysteries like Sherlock Holmes, Or being an Avenger, Exploring Hogwarts, Take part in a heist, Explore the most haunted mysteries, Defusing the bomb before it explodes. You can explore and experience everything you fantasize about in escape rooms.

What skills do you need to win an escape room? What can you learn from the escape game?

To win or successfully complete an escape room you need to be mindful and aware about the situation, Think Creatively and look for clues everywhere and anywhere in the escape room. Most important of all you should never give up upon when you are stuck.

From escape games you can learn a lot like

  • Working with teams
  • Thinking from different point of views
  • To work under pressure
  • How to move on and ask for help during crisis
  • It can help you understand your partner or teammate & much more.

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