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Sink your teeth into some of the offerings from The Inspire Cafe, and feel all your stress simply melt away!
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Chimney Cakes

These are considered national delicacies in Hungary, where they're known as Kürtőskalács. Taste what the excitement is all about!

Pesto Pizza

Freshly baked, our Pesto Pizzas give these Italian delicacies a decidedly Indian tang. Give it a go and see for yourself!

Hot Chocolate

You can't go wrong with this classic. Great for group events. Goes brilliantly with a detective story or two, or so we're told!

Must Try

Chimney cakes with filling

Look at the image, and ask yourself: Are you really not going to have a go at all that goodness stuffed inside a delicious chimney cake?

Cookies & Brownies

One whiff of the freshly prepared cookies and brownies, and you'll be hooked. A great complement to freshly brewed coffee.

Vegetable au gratin

Our Vegetable Au Gratin will prove a great way to round off an afternoon spent accomplishing escape room missions here at Lock N Escape.

Chef’s Specials

Cardamom cappucino

This is an Inspire Cafe innovation - using the concept of cardamom tea in a coffee base, with zero added flavors, creating a distinctive aroma.

Cookie cake

For the first time in India, we bring you the Cookie Cake. A freshly baked large cookie with fresh cream - a great addition to any group event!

Cookie cups

A cookie in the shape of a cup filled with delicious cream inside. Try it, and don't ask for another one - we dare you!

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