The Abandoned Lab

Step into a scary lab known for its harsh human experiments in the past. But now, some odd things are happening, and the authorities are hiding some secrets
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80 minutes





abandoned lab

The Abandoned Lab

A creepy, old lab known for harmful human tests hides a big mystery. Strange things are happening, and it looks like the people in charge are hiding something scary. Your team has been chosen to sneak into this quiet lab.

Your task? Find a very important machine hidden inside the lab and learn how to use it. But be careful; the situation is more dangerous than it seems. Something unknown and frightening, escaped from a failed experiment, might cause worldwide disaster.

You have just 80 minutes to stop a global catastrophe. Are you brave and smart enough to face the hidden terrors of the lab, or will you fail under pressure? The world’s fate is in your hands. It’s time to find out!

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Challenge your loved ones to overcome their fear and prevent a world-threatening creature’s escape?

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