The Hurricane Room

Can you find shelter before the hurricane reaches your location? You have 60 minutes!
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60 minutes





The Hurricane Room

Experience being trapped in a situation where a huge hurricane is approaching and winds are getting stronger with time and you have to find a shelter from this hurricane before it reaches your location.

Explore the beach and try to get into a cabin near the beach, which has a hidden shelter, which can give you this, much required shelter from the hurricane.

Immerse yourself in this 4D-engaging atmosphere, which makes this mystery escape game a great adventure for everyone.

Come and test your skills!

Note: This game can be played at location at our Banjara Hills location in Hyderabad, or you can Live-stream it from your home, with a guided human-avatar who can be controlled on zoom.

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Challenge your friends to find shelter from the hurricane and escape the wrath of Mother Nature!