Quest For The Incredible Stones

Can you recover the Incredible Stones before the emperor awakens? You have 80 minutes!
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Quest For The Incredible Stones

Experience the excitement of being a Super Hero and saving the universe from the evil hands of an evil galactic emperor.

The emperor has collected all six powerful incredible stones and has made the mythical Incredible Belt.

As the team of Super Heroes, you have to go into the Emperor’s Planet and ship and find all the six incredible stones and the Belt before the Emperor wakes up from the Recovering Chamber, which will be in 60 minutes.

Immerse yourself in an extra terrestrial atmosphere, which makes this science fiction adventure even more exciting for everyone. Come and test your skills!

Note: This game can be played at location at our Banjara Hills location in Hyderabad, or you can Live-stream it from your home, with a guided human-avatar who can be controlled on zoom.

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Challenge your friends to become superheroes and save the universe by finding the Incredible Stones!

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