The Room Of Great Mysto

Crack riddles and perform illusions as you investigate the mysterious vanishing of The Great Mysto!
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80 minutes





The Room Of Great Mysto

Experience the fantastical excitement of being in the Room of the Great Mysto who was the greatest magician of all time and who has suddenly disappeared while performing his last and best magic trick.

As the chosen ones to investigate the reason behind his disappearance, you will have to perform various magic tricks and illusions and solve mind-boggling riddles to uncover the secret behind his disappearance.

Find your way out through a magical fantasy world filled with pure escape room adventures!

Note: This game can be played at location at our Banjara Hills location in Hyderabad, or you can Live-stream it from your home, with a guided human-avatar who can be controlled on zoom.

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Challenge your loved ones to enter the world of magic and illusions to investigate a mysterious disappearance!

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