The President’s Secret Book

Can you break into the President's Office and find the President's Secret Book before the Presidential Guard turns up?
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80 minutes





The President’s Secret Book

The escape room The President’s Secret Book challenges players to put their logic skills to the test.

Explore the US Presidents office, deal with fabulous inventions and prove your brilliance.

Reveal the enigma behind all these complex mechanisms and Renaissance-inspired puzzles and masterpieces.

Immerse yourself in an engaging atmosphere, which makes this mystery escape room a great adventure for everyone.

Come and test your skills!

Note: This game can be played at location at our Banjara Hills location in Hyderabad, or you can Live-stream it from your home, with a guided human-avatar who can be controlled on zoom.

Gift this game to someone special!

Challenge your friends to break into the office of the President of the United States and steal his secret book!

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