The Poltergeist Room

Perform an exorcism successfully in a haunted house, or be trapped inside for eternity!
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80 minutes





The Poltergeist Room

Encounter a spooky interaction with the unknown in a haunted hour set up that is sure to raise the hairs on your neck.

Solve various puzzles and riddles while strange things happen in this haunted house.

Are you fearless, agile and smart enough to face the reality of the mystery behind the widow and her daughter’s disappearance and perform a successful exorcism?

Let’s find out if you scream your lungs out and dash out of the room or take on the challenges of the best escape game in the city!

Note: This game can be played at location at our Banjara Hills location in Hyderabad, or you can Live-stream it from your home, with a guided human-avatar who can be controlled on zoom.

Gift this game to someone special!

Challenge your loved ones to keep their wits about them as they figure out how to perform an exorcism inside this haunted house!

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