Corporate team-building events are usually hosted in the office or under the sun. Traditional team-building activities start with personal questions to break the ice and get people to mingle freely, followed by group games and team lunches. While this technique worked wonders in the past, it’s exploited to the brink of boredom. Hence, the need for newer, unconventional solutions is at its peak. Enter escape rooms!

Escape rooms are more demanding than traditional team-building activities as they challenge people to think outside the box and communicate with the people next to them to beat the game. The sense of teamwork, belonging, and competition is an excellent ice-breaker and helps bridge communication barriers. This transpires to the workplace, establishing escape rooms as an effective team-building tool.

This blog explores ten reasons why escape rooms are suitable for team-building. Continue reading to learn how escape rooms can help break the ice and establish deeper bonds with colleagues. If you’ve never been to an escape room, visit Lock N Escape, Hyderabad’s best escape room. We have an extensive collection of exciting beginner-friendly escape games to help first-timers acquaint themselves with escape rooms. Visit now!

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Reason #1 – Escape Rooms Promote Camaraderie

Escape rooms are designed to be team games and are impossible to beat solo. Hence, players must put their heads together to solve the puzzles and find their way out before the timer ends. Everyone has a role to play. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the gameplay or layout, you can cheer for your teammates, organize clues, and try to help out in every possible way. This promotes teamwork, even if you’re unfamiliar with the other players. The camaraderie formed inside a mystery escape room continues in the real world, boosting teamwork at the office.

Reason #2 – Escape Rooms Encourage Creative Thinking

Escape rooms have unique puzzles that can only be solved with creative thinking. The problems are straightforward, and the answers often stare at your face. However, most players ignore the simplest solutions, further complicating the challenge. This is usually because they’re used to getting things done in a specific method. Veteran escape artists are creative thinkers, and this skill takes time to master. Thinking outside the box is easier once you get used to looking at the situation differently. And what better way to brush up on creative thinking than playing exciting escape games?

Reason #3 – Escape Rooms Manifest Leadership Abilities

Every team needs a leader for planning and delegating tasks. Since there is a time limit for escaping the room, time management is the difference between winning and losing. An experienced leader can help manage time by organising clues, assigning individual responsibilities, and covering more ground. But not every team operates like a well-oiled machine, and individuals with leadership potential will feel the need to step up. This helps nurture leadership abilities, which is crucial in a corporate setup.

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Reason #4 – Escape Rooms Improve Time Management Skills

Players usually get 60 minutes to solve an escape game. While every puzzle can be solved within the deadline under the proper circumstances, it’s easy to get distracted. Escape rooms encourage players to focus on what’s necessary to solve the game on time. This promotes time management, which grows into a habit over time. Even the most basic escape rooms feature several challenges that must be solved in a specific order for the sake of time. You cannot afford to sit around and waste time. Working together as a team lets you accumulate clues, solve puzzles, and beat the game quickly.

Reason #5 – Escape Rooms Challenge Logical Reasoning

While you can study the intricacies of an escape game in advance, you cannot prepare for precisely what lies ahead. For instance, you might know about a series of challenges ahead. However, knowing the answer is impossible before you play the game. Hence, when the time comes, you must think on your feet to beat the game. This develops logical reasoning, which is crucial in the real world. Solving multiple escape room puzzles will help polish your reasoning skills and tackle challenges as they appear. Test your skills today with Lock N Escape’s physical team-building challenges.

Reason #6 – Escape Rooms Break Communication Barriers

Communicating with your teammates is the only way to stay on top of the game. From updating players about a new clue you discovered to asking them for help, clear communication is the only way to beat the clock. Escape rooms are ideal for sharing your thoughts, no matter how insignificant or silly they might seem. Speaking your mind helps shed inhibitions and also encourages others to speak up. Therefore, communication is crucial to team building as it keeps everyone on the same page, improves coordination, and streamlines the task.

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Reason #7 – Escape Rooms Expose the Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Escape rooms feature various challenges that test a diverse range of skills. This exposes the team’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing players to compensate for each other’s shortcomings. Every player brings specific skills to the team. Hence, working in tandem improves the overall performance. This is the cornerstone of team building. Escape rooms challenge players to rise to situational demands and coordinate with teammates to escape the room before running out of time.

Are You Ready for Your Next Escape Room Adventure?

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