Looking for Amazing (with a capital ‘A’) weekend getaways near Hyderabad?

Need to unplug from the hectic work schedule, cut loose, and go on a thrilling trip with a few of your loved ones?

We got you!

From popular destinations for locals and tourists alike to offbeat locations, here are 10 awesome places in and around Hyderabad where you can go on a trip this weekend itself…and be back by Monday, ready to face the work week ahead.

10 BEST Weekend Getaways Near Hyderabad

With its rich history and diverse culture, Hyderabad has a lot of natural and cultural attractions for you to explore on your weekend trip, like…

  • Ramoji Film City.
  • Ananthagiri Hills.
  • Lock N Escape.
  • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam.
  • The Hidden Castle.
  • Sri Yaganti Uma Maheswara Temple.
  • Ramappa Lake.
  • Bidar.
  • Karimnagar.
  • Belum Caves.

Ramoji Film City

Spread out over 2000 acres, Ramoji Film City is one of the largest film cities in the world.

Over two thousand five hundred films, ranging from Bollywood films to various genres of South Indian movies, and even some Hollywood productions have used Ramoji’s sets since it was built!

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a film buff; Ramoji Film City is a lot more than just a place where films are shot. It’s a piece of history.

It’s also a place of great wonder and natural beauty. You can catch a glimpse of everything from ancient palaces (a film set) to a real Japanese garden and even underground caves.

On your visit, make sure you check out the various rides, like Breakdance, Superjet and Twister, and also sample cuisines from the various restaurants in and around the campus.

Website: Visit the website

Ananthagiri Hills

A 2 hour drive to the west of Hyderabad through spiralling roads lined with trees lies the magnificent Ananthagiri Hills.

Perfect for trekkers and nature lovers.

For the best views, get to the Ananthagiri Hills Viewpoint, and catch a glimpse of the surrounding natural beauty, from forested areas to coffee plantations.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to see clouds, quite literally ‘hanging’ over the hills.

The main points of attraction are the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, the Kotipally Reservoir, Musi River and Bhavanasi Lake.

Lock N Escape

If you’d rather go on thrilling adventures while remaining within city limits, you can always check out Lock N Escape escape rooms.

Widely considered one of Hyderabad’s best entertainment venues, you can take your pick from 6 highly rated escape games on-site. Your mission can range from investigating suspected paranormal activity at a house to going on a journey through time in a time machine.

Once you’re done with escape games, get a taste of some of the items we offer at our cafe and also check out the various board and other games we have down here!

Making it a weekend getaway at Lock N Escape: If you plan early enough, you can book escape rooms back to back, with brief cafe intervals, and spend a glorious Sunday here at our Banjara Hills location.

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

One of the largest dams in India, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is built on a site that was once the capital of a powerful royal dynasty of ancient India.

The gushing waters of the dam apart, you can also catch a glimpse of some Buddhist excavation sites and lush green beauty of the surrounding area.

Nagarjuna Hill (Nagarjunakonda) is a nearby island where you can see many more Buddhist relics. The Nagarjuna Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary (a tiger reserve) is a short drive away.

Website: Visit the Andhra Government website

The Hidden Castle

If you were excited at the thought of visiting a film set designed like a castle’s interior in Ramoji Film City, then this is something you’ll LOVE.

An entire resort designed to look like a castle and its grounds from the medieval times.

From the moment you drive up to the castle and wait for the drawbridge to be lowered, to the welcome in the domed reception hall, and being led up to your medieval themed room, it’s like being in a dream over the weekend.

And they have many exciting activities, from shooting to rope climbing, that you can take part in.

Website: Go to the website

Sri Yaganti Uma Maheswara Temple

OK, hold your breath. I bet this is something you’ve never seen before.

Sri Yaganti Uma Maheswara Temple, in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district, dates back to the 15th century, is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is a sight to behold…but that’s not its main attraction.

The main attraction is its idol of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s vahana, is said to be continuously growing.

Now, that’s something you don’t get very often on your weekend trips, is it – an idol that grows by itself?The temple also has a sacred lake – Pushkarini – where you may be allowed to take a dip.

Ramappa Lake

Ramappa Lake is a man-made lake. Constructed during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty, it seems to have been an effort at helping farmers get water to their fields.

Spread out over 82 square kilometres, surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, and with serene waters that are excellent for boating, Ramappa Lake is indeed a great place for your weekend getaway.

If you visit, make sure to check out the Ramappa Temple (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Website: Go to the Telengana government website


A three hour drive from Hyderabad, Bidar is an entire town awaiting exploration by you.

From the fort to the Bahmani tombs, to Gagan Mahan and the Paapnaash Shiva Temple, there are a lot of historic and cultural sites that you can spend your day experiencing.

And when you visit, make sure to get yourself a few Bidriware containers, that are made from a unique black mud from the region and inlaid with silver artwork.

Website: Go to website


Another town brimming with historical significance, located conveniently near Hyderabad.

Kotilingala, the first capital of the Satavahana dynasty, was partially located in modern-day Karimnagar.

The main places of interest are the Archeological Museum, the deer park, Manair Dam, and Ujwala Park.

Belum Caves

The second largest cave system in the Indian subcontinent, the Belum Caves are a natural work of art.

From the formation that resembles a lion’s head (and hence is called the Simhadwaram), to the stone formation known as the Saints’ Bed (where Buddhist monks are said to have meditated) to the curious music-like sounds made when you strike the rocks deep inside the caves, these caves will be the most memorable weekend getaway you’ve had in a while!

Ready for your weekend trip near Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has some pretty awesome options for your weekend trip, to get away from all the workplace pressure and tension, and enjoy a restful and invigorating weekend.

Whether it be historically significant towns, famous temples or pristine natural beauty, the surroundings of Hyderabad have something for each and every traveler.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion over the weekend, check out Hyderabad’s best-known events venue.

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Featured image by confused_me from Pixabay.

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