The Forbidden Potion

Can you outwit the evil sorcerer and save the magical school of wizardry? You have sixty minutes!
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The Forbidden Potion

You are a student in Magical School of Wizardry where the world’s largest wizards are created.

Recently, the school has been under a dark cloud as the evil Sorcerer has imprisoned the head master and taken over the whole school.

This school holds many hidden secrets and if the Sorcerer manages to obtain these hidden secrets he can take over and enslave the whole world.

The sorcerer is right now conjuring an evil spirit who can lead him directly to the path of these hidden secrets.

You have got to know that the only way to stop this is to create a powerful potion and use the secret method to kill the evil Sorcerer before he succeeds in his evil plan.

You only have 60 minutes before the evil Sorcerer’s plan is completed.

Gift this game to someone special!

Challenge your friends and loved ones to prevent the Evil Sorcerer from carrying out his diabolical plans!

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