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Time Machine

Travel through time to save the Alien race

The Time Machine

Sci-Fi / Mystery Escape Room

  • Players
  • 2-8
  • Duration
  • 60 Min
  • Difficulty Level
  • Hard
  • Language
  • EN

Experience the science fictional excitement of travelling through Time and communicating with an alien race and saving them. Break into a Top Secret Laboratory where the Time Machine Technology is hidden and find the crucial chip by travelling through time and teleport it back to the aliens before the authorities reach the Laboratory.

Overview:- An alien ship crash-landed in Roosevelt. It contained a chip, which has many different technologies, and one of them was the Time Machine. The Aliens are in trouble and they need this chip back but it’s lost.

Goals:- Your mission is to go into the government’s top-secret laboratory and find out what happened to this chip and find it by using the Time Machine and teleport the chip back to the alien. You only have 60 mins as the authorities are after you and they will be at the Laboratory in 60 mins to arrest you.

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