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If you love a great story and challenging your skills of deduction, forget movies and online games. Instead, dive into an exciting real-life adventure where you and your co-players are the stars of the show.


Teamwork, bonding, and problem-solving skills are the key to your corporate team’s success and our games showcase this in an extremely fun way. Read More


Be sure to include this unique international experience in your itinerary. We guarantee you the best 1 hour of your stay.


Looking for a real-life escape room that will challenge even the most hardcore gamers? Only 30% escape our rooms – will you?!


If you are planning your next group party or simply after a different sort of date-night, this is the perfect activity to be experienced with those closest to you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Escape Room?
An escape room is a real-life adventurous game designed for a team of ideally 2 to 8 people. We lock your team in a room and the goal of the game is to escape within 60 minutes. This is achieved by completing a series of puzzles and clues which allows you to unlock the next one and eventually you will solve the final clue which lets you escape the room. Each escape room is designed around a specific theme. We offer 6 different themes, Hurricane Room, The Poltergeist Room, The Time Machine, Room of the Great Mysto, Quest for the Incredible Stones and The President’s Secret Book.
Why Lock-N-Escape Escape Rooms?
It is different, challenging and great fun. All our rooms are designed to be very immersive and we will ensure you have a great time. It is perfect for friends, family, and co-workers. We have a Café section where you can get a bite to eat before or after your escape room experience. We also offer a broad range of board games and even table football that you can have a go at during your time in Lock-N-Escape. We can provide for small or large groups and are more than happy to listen to individual requests and accommodate them where we can.
Is there a restriction on team size?
2 is the minimum and 8 is the maximum for the best experience of our escape rooms. For group sizes larger than 8 people, contact us to discuss available options.
How much time will we need to play?
Each escape room game is 60 minutes. Expect to set aside an hour and a half minimum. Please show up 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This allows us 15 minutes to brief you before you play, gives you 60 minutes in the room, and 15 minutes to debrief with your group afterward regarding your experience and even take some photos for your memory.
Do i need to book in Advance ?
We do recommend advance booking to make sure you get your preferable game and time slot. If you make last minute plans to visit us, please call us to confirm the availability.
How much does it cost?
Prices vary depending on team size and peak-time. During Weekdays (Monday to Friday), group of 2 will cost 900 INR per person, group of 3 will cost 800 INR per person and group of 4 and more will cost 700 INR per person. During Weekends and public holidays, a group of 2 will cost 1000 INR per person, a group of 3 will cost 900 INR per person and group of 4 and more will cost 800 INR per person. All prices are inclusive of taxes. Children up to 5 years of age can enter for free and Children between the age of 5 years to 9 years will be charged 300 INR per child.
Is there any age restriction?
While there is no restriction on age the puzzles may be too demanding and difficult for those under 10. Children under 10 must be accompanied by at least two adult per group. There is no upper age limit and we welcome all.
Are the room scary ?
It’s more adventure than scary. It’s fun!
I am Claustrophobic, Can I Play ?
All our rooms are spacious. You will be monitored via CCTV all throughout the game and we always put your safety first. If you feel uncomfortable anytime during the game, you can always give us a sign and we will get you out of the room straight away.
Can I Add an extra person to the booking?
Certainly, you can add an extra person to the booking as long as you’re still within the maximum number of people for each room.
Am I safe in the Room?
Absolutely – our games are thrilling but never, ever dangerous. Rest assured that whatever happens, you’re in safe hands. Our game masters are highly trained and very vigilant, and as you’d expect, player safety is our number one concern. You will be monitored via CCTV all throughout the game to ensure your safety.
Are the puzzles physical challenging?
No. Our puzzles do involve maneuvering physical objects, but nothing out of the ordinary for a regular days activity.
What should we wear when playing?
No special attire is required. Just wear something that is comfortable and you’re able to move around in.
I would like to play with my colleagues as team building exercise. Is it possible?
Yes, we love team building! We have a range of experience in facilitating team building events. We have trained facilitators on staff to help your organization grow. Please see our team building section on our website and LinkedIn.
Do you provide any food or drinks?
Yes, We have a Cafe with Delicious International Menu. You can even enjoy table football and broad range of board games while you chill and eat in the Café. Please see our Café section on our Website to see what food and drinks we offer in our Cafe.
Can you customize the game for special occasions?
Yes, we can plan birthday surprises, love proposals, get-togethers, corporate events etc. Contact us and we will try our very best to accommodate your special request.
What other games are available in Lock N Escape other than escape room games?
Yes, We have a great selection of Board games, Magazines and Reading Books.We even have Table Football. You will no doubt have fun packed day at Lock N Escape.
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